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Overview by:  Bridgett Locken 

This page may be the most valuable page on this website. If you can manage your classroom efficiently and effectively you and your class can accomplish almost anything. This page includes techniques and strategies to ensure your class as a whole is engaged, all students are participating with their brain and body, have smooth transitions, are motivated to be successful, and always on task.  Whole Brain Teaching is what I use more than any other strategy or technique. It works! It is easy, fast, effective, and the kids LOVE it!

Brain breaks help students get their wiggles out and move their bodies to help them get through the long day of sitting in their seats.  The brain break resources listed below can also be used as a reward or during transition times.  Go Noodle has many transitions songs you can use as well as rainy day recess and physical activity videos.  Mystery Doug is excellent as a reward system or if you find yourself needing to fill 10 minutes and want to do it academically. It is also a great addition to science lessons/activities. 

Class Dojo is a great application that can be used to update parents in realtime about behavior, activities, and keeps the line of communication open between the teacher, parent, and student.  It has a point system that students can see and students know that their parents have access to this information. 

If you are looking for a whole school behavior management program, I recommend Capturing Kids Hearts (C.K.H.).  My school has used it for many years . Our school is now a C.K.H. Showcase School and we give tours and show other administrators how success this program can be for their schools.  The C.K.H. Program has to be implemented by all students, teachers, staff, and administrators to be successful.  It allows students to make corrections quickly and holds all students accountable for their behavior as well as the behavior of other students in their class. It is impressive to see students in K-6th grades self-governing within their classroom. It works when implemented correctly and follow through with consequences. 

Brain Breaks

WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING - Lesson 1 Attention Getter

Whole Brain Teaching - This is the most powerful teaching tool you can use for classroom behavior managment and structure of running your classroom. 

Chris Biffle - Published on Nov 30, 2008

Got challenging students?  Over 8,000 teachers have attended Whole Brain Teaching (Power Teaching) conferences.  Learn how to start Whole Brain Teaching tomorrow!

WHole Brain Teaching - Lesson 2 Class Rules

Whole Brain Teaching Rules

Chris Biffle - Published on Dec 9, 2008

Rule #1: Follow Directions Quickly

Rule #2: RaiseYour Hand for Permission to Speak

Rule #3: RaiseYour Hand for Permission to Leave Your Seat

Rule #4: Make Smart Choices

Rule #5 Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy

Whole Brain Teaching - Lesson 3 Follow Directions Quickly

Chris Biffle

Published on Dec 9, 2008

Rule #1 helps with tight transitions, following directions, and overall classroom efficiency.  For more amazing videos and lessons on these very valuable tools and classroom management skills please click below.

Click Here Whole Brain Teaching YouTube Page

Behavior Management using Apps, Resource Videos, & Programs


Brain Breaks


  • School is better with GoNoodle.
  • Improves behavior and attention
  • Betters academic performance
  • Strengthens classroom cohesion

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Go Noodle

Mystery Doug - FREE Short Science Videos for Elementary School Grades

Perfect five-minute breaks for your classroom

  • Morning meeting
  • Snack time
  • After recess
  • Transitions
  • Rewards
  • Warm-ups

These are wonderful (short) discussion videos that you can incorporate into other lessons, activities, use as rewards, or just brain breaks. 

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Mystery Doug

Classroom Management Videos


Classroom Management

Learn strategies for building positive, compassionate classroom communities that engage learners, and find and exchange tips for coping with disruptive behaviors and managing distraction.

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Behavior Management Apps / Parent Access


Mission: To bring communities together and give them the tools, ideas, and energy to improve education for all kids.

At ClassDojo, we want to transform education for every kid in the world. To do this – and do it soon – we have a simple plan: connect teachers, parents, and students in every classroom, and work with them every day to bring the best ideas into their classrooms. It's not about creating an “ideal” classroom, a one-size-fits-all model that everyone must fit, because there's no such thing. Instead, we believe that teachers, parents and students should have the power to create an incredible classroom that is best for them. And, we believe that when you give good people simple ways to do the right things, amazing things will happen.That's how we believe we can transform education. Together. By helping every teacher, parent, and student in the world create an incredible classroom all their own.

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Class Dojo

Behavior Management - Whole School Program

Capturing Kids Hearts (C.K.H.)

C.K.H is the best school-wide behavior management program I have experienced to date.  Students are held accountable for their behavior and actions.  Through this program, all students, teachers, staff, and administrators reinforce positive student behavior which creates a culture of student self-management, student accountability, student buy-in, and positive outcomes for the whole school.  -Bridgett Locken

When kids and teachers are connected, there is a significant positive transformational effect on the 5 key indicators of school performance:

  • 1. Decreased Discipline Referrals
  • 2. Increased Student Achievement
  • 3. Increased Attendance Rates
  • 4. Increased Graduation Rates
  • 5. Increased Teacher Satisfaction

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Capturing Kids Hearts

Capturing Kids Hearts - Showcase School

Photomaster US

Published on May 8, 2017

C.O.A. is "CAPTURING KIDS’ HEARTS NATIONAL SHOWCASE SCHOOL" Community Outreach Academy Elementary School Gateway Community Charters